Dr. Henry Kanarek has presented many educational talks and presentations throughout his career. He is considered an authority in the field of allergy, asthma and immunology. In his more than 300 presentations, he strives to present the latest most advanced information to the attendees to help improve the diagnosis, treatment and management of disease. Dr. Henry Kanarek is a well-known and respected physician within the medical community. He has spoken throughout the state of Kansas and Missouri, and many times in the rural setting in hopes of improving the medical care offered to these citizens.

The goal of these presentations is to educate the viewer on the latest, most researched information available. These presentations should be used to promote what is called the “standard of care” for these diseases.

Treatment Options for Complicated/Severe Asthma (PDF)

Primary Immune Deficiency (PDF)

Dr. Kanarek - Primary Immune Deficiency

Managing Chronic Sinusitis (PDF)


Immunodeficiency (PDF)